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on our own

Shell Bell's not anywhere near the Janepoint, nor talking to Jane, when the node in the palace starts beeping like it's getting paid. It will go right on tirelessly beeping until someone pays attention to it, but it doesn't have to be Bell.
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Sherlock is good at paying attention to things! It is a particular talent of hers.
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While I have no reason to expect loss of ansible connection, it's hardly impossible. I'm untested software! So I wrote this and squirreled it away and some local programs will trigger it if Atlantis is ever cut off from the rest of me. I don't have enough stolen processor time just from this world's hardware to go on talking or being very personable, I don't think, if I even am mostly code and not whatever thing it is that lives in Aegis. Luckily for you, you don't have me set up to manage lots of electronics for you or anything, so your day-to-day should be unaffected, but I definitely can't pick anybody up and put them down without the ansible. I will brainphone you as soon as I'm back! Here's hoping that's soon. If you find a door to Milliways the usual way (crossing my nonexistent fingers about Shell Bell's aura) please come check on my site in the Belltower.
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[Jane has lost her ansible connection to this world and requests that we check on her site in the Belltower,] she says to Bell.
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Sherlock steps through to Milliways and teleports directly into the Belltower.